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2021.2.11 - 2021.3.8



10F event space

Ayako Otake who puts painting, drawing, collage, photograph and various technique together, and opens up expression domain that is kosumikku by movement of light viewpoint.

This exhibition held following "GALAGALA" of last year wrapped in heat of art fan (PARCO MUSEUM TOKYO) is the first large size private exhibition in Kansai area by Ayako Otake that is Aristrist attracting attention most now.


At this exhibition, we add to work which we announced in Shibuya venue, and display sells 44 points including 24 points of new works which we produced for Shinsaibashi venue in total. We sell exhibition original product again (there are some articles not for sale).


The details are PARCO ART



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※Until 30 minutes before entrance being closed

※And, from the viewpoint of infectious disease extended prevention, limit of attendance, change of business hours may be going to be closed.


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Free of charge


<< sponsorship >> PARCO

<< plan production >> PARCO/sub-bank Nakanishi-ya

<< advertising design >> Osamu Ohashi (thumb M)

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