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2021.6.26 - 2021.7.12



14F PARCO event hall

Photo exhibition that can relive Budokan LIVE of "7ORDER" which served as release than major label in January, 2021.
In this exhibition, we display photograph display that arrested expression of behind-the-scenes member who cannot usually see from Budokan LIVE scenery, display of clothes which member actually wore in LIVE, comment of STAFF and others which built up this LIVE together more, and Budokan LIVE contents of 7ORDER are clogged up.
Photographer Masashi Asada photographs and, other than photograph display of Budokan LIVE, establishes special booth which made collaboration with Masashi Asada and displays photograph work seen only here a lot. In venue, we perform sale of goods in commemoration of exhibition.




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<< business hours >>
※Entrance until 30 minutes before closing
※We are closed at 18:00 on the last day
※And, from the viewpoint of infectious disease extended prevention, change of business hours, limit of attendance may be going to be closed. Please confirm the business date and time of Shinsaibashi PARCO.


<< admission >>

1,000 yen (tax-included)
※Free of charge younger than primary schoolchild
※Giving the stockholders preferential treatment excludes all discount to include
※Parking service exclusion


<advance ticket>

We present one piece of exhibition memory sticker as advance ticket entrance privilege. (only in the case of paid entrance)
We will sell advance ticket of nichijiyubiteisei from the viewpoint of infectious disease extended prevention.

We are going to begin to sell advance ticket in "e+" (E plus) at 12:00 on Friday, June 11, 2021.
※The details, please identify advance ticket sale page.

Advance ticket sale page:


※Question, ignorance point about application for advance ticket, please confirm e+ (E plus) "customer support".



<today's ticket>

When there is space on the entrance frames, we will sell today's ticket in venue.

About sale information, we will tell than Shinsaibashi PARCO formula Twitter (@parco_shinsai).



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<< cooperation >>
7ORDER Project/KSR


<< shooting >>

Masashi Asada

Card LP