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2021.4.1 - 2021.5.9

We return 4 - 8P every PARCO point up campaign 110 yen (tax-included)!

We return 4 - 8P every PARCO point up campaign 110 yen (tax-included)!


■Period: Thursday, April 1, 2021 0:00 - Sunday, May 9 23:59


■Holding place: PARCO of the whole country, PARCO ONLINE STORE 


■Contents: We will return positive 1P to normal point to save every 110 yen (tax-included) by purchase by PARCO card or pokeparu payment.



[about grant point according to rank by this plan]


Regular: Normal point 3P +1P ⇒ 4P

Silver :Normal point 5P +1P ⇒ 6P

Gold :Normal point 6P +1P ⇒ 7P

Platinum :Normal point 7P +1P ⇒ 8P



※It becomes the number of the above, the points that "application cooperation +1P" was usually included in for point. The details are this 

※Point to save every 110 yen (tax-included) by rank will fluctuate.

※PARCO point is available in 1P=1 Japanese yen.



※There are products partly shop excluding. For more details, it is this

※pokeparu payment is the application QR cord settlement to be available in official application POCKET PARCO of PARCO.

※QR cord is registered trademark of DENSO WAVE.

※It applies to person who had you enroll in PARCO card newly.

※Saison card feels PARCO point by pokeparu payment registration & use. (there is card excluding partly)

※pokeparu payment is not available in PARCO ONLINE STORE.

※It is necessary to have you prepare for PARCO card (plastic card) at hand to save, and to use PARCO point in PARCO ONLINE STORE.

※This plan may become change, cancellation without notice. Thank you for your understanding beforehand.

※We carry out security, approach that you can buy in peace to customer.

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