About temporary closure with emergency declaration procession

Approach and request to customer for safe relief


It is privilege in limitation birth month of registration platinum gold rank member who Shinsaibashi PARCO is good, and goes

Thank you very much for always using Shinsaibashi PARCO.

With appreciation, we offer privilege to be available in a small way in birth month. Please use in birth month.


Platinum rank member: Meal pair course invitation in 13F "village of Mitaya Honten - eases" (steak/noh stage) or "bisutorokarato" (bistro dishes).


■Pair course contents


"Village of Mitaya Honten - eases" (steak/noh stage)


 Three kinds of appetizer assortments

 Vegetable salad of specially made season

 Hors d'oeuvre of roast ham

 Cleansing the palate

 Japanese black beef peach steak 90 g iron plate

 Rice from Shinoyama, Tanba

 Pickled plum of Kishu

 Birthday plate

 Coffee or tea or jasmin tea after a meal


"bisutorokarato" (bistro dishes)

  << beginning of party >>

Pâtéde campagne
Pate de kampanyu


 << mystery >>
Homard et bisque froide de crabe watari accompagnée de légumes
"Cold bisque soup of Watari crab" which we finished with spiny lobster and vegetables


 << the sea >>
Poissons rôti, sauce coquillages verre
Low-speed cooking and chemical-free vegetables of fresh fish direct from the field
Japanese mustard spinach which is colorful in extract of condensed shellfish


 ≪Taste that we shut in≫
Filet de bœuf Rossini sauce Périgueux
Rossini of domestic beef fillet and foie gras from France
Truffle sauce


 ≪In pleasant person≫
Please choose ... dessert you like; ...
・Mousse de fraises et mascarpone dans un bol en chocolat
 "Mousse of strawberry and Mascarpone" 
 Can enter caliber of chocolate


・Parfait aux pommes et caramel
 "Caramel and parfait of apple"
 Flavor of vanilla


・Mont-Blanc,crème glacée vanille
 Shut in ice of vanilla


"The beauty, bread of vegetables"


"Drink after a meal"



※Privilege usage: It is said that it needs reservations in advance. We have you choose 13F "village of Mitaya Honten - eases" (steak/noh stage) or "bisutorokarato" (bistro dishes) either, and, in the case of making a reservation, the effect of the use tell shop about "platinum rank birth moon privilege of PARCO".

 13F "village of Mitaya Honten - eases" (steak/noh stage) TEL 050-3204-0215
 13F "bisutorokarato" (bistro dishes) TEL 06-6484-8286


Gold rank member: Pair invitation ticket (with drink popcorn) present of 12F "theaters Shinsaibashi" (movie theater).
※Privilege usage: We do ticket and exchange in Shinsaibashi PARCO 1F information counter. Please show identification of social position to get coupon screen and confirmation of birth month.



※We deliver this coupon to Shinsaibashi PARCO members of platinum gold rank registering to often go all at once. Please use this coupon in birth month.

※If person who was birthday by the end of holiday for temporary closure is available for 4/25 Sunday ... for the time being until the end of June, we do.
※It is plan of Shinsaibashi PARCO-limited.
※As for the coupon, once becomes only for per person.
※When this coupon has been used by customer and has been done, please note that you become invalid.
※The staff will operate an input by code part.
※There is possibility that this plan becomes change, cancellation without notice.



★Besides, it is full of special treatments of PARCO point member in Shinsaibashi PARCO!

For more details, we check this.