About temporary closure with emergency declaration procession

Approach and request to customer for safe relief


Approach and request to customer for safe relief


[approach to security, relief]
・We take in regular fresh air and strengthen ventilation promotion.
・We install alcohol antiseptic solution and samogurafikamera in entrance.
・Information, the patrol guard, environmental maintenance, the staff of shop wear mask.
・We carry out periodical patrol sterilization of backyards that handrail and doorknob, employee in hall use.
・In information counter, we install spray scattering prevention panel.
・We note about health care of employee enough.


[to coming customer ask]
・On visit, please wear mask.
・When we have a cold symptom, and anxiety includes fever in physical condition, it would appreciate your stopping visit.
・As we stop hand-dryer of restroom, on visit, we hope that we have you bring handkerchief.
・We may set a limit to entering a shop for the relaxation depending on the congestion situation.
・I would like the use that we leave interval with neighboring customers by escalator, elevator.
・I would like securing of social distance in sales floor or passage.